Nominations received for the 2017-2022 Diocesan Elections


Blessings to the Vicars and Diocesan Assembly members!

Dearly Beloved,

I pray that you are doing well. Attached with this letter is the list of valid nominations for the upcoming Diocesan elections.

At the very outset I thank all the individuals who have proposed their names for these positions and for their intent in serving the Church. I am sure that all the nominated individuals are able and talented in different walks of life. It may be difficult for you to chose between them. Thus I urge you all to use your God given opportunity to cast the vote with prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

When you vote for people to these positions, please bear in mind that you should not be influenced by the number of times these nominees called you or by the letters that has been sent to you. Your votes should be made for people who are God-fearing, humble, educated and at the same time will submit themselves for the greater good of our Church at large and our diocese in particular. Please do not get swayed by personal inclinations but elect people who possess the qualities of humility, devotion, obedience and a heart to serve the Church, rather one's own interests.

I am sure that you will act upon this in a prayerful manner. May the mercy of Christ our Lord be upon us all.

Love and Prayers
Mar Eusebius


Diocesan Secretary

Diocesan Council - Clergy Positions

Diocesan Council - Laymen Positions

Diocesan Auditor

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