Rev. Dn. Gabriel Pike recovering after an extensive hip fracture



Rev. Dn. Gabriel Pike, member of our St. Gregorios Orthodox Mission in Spokane, WA, suffered a fall on Friday, while taking part in OVBS Camp organized by St. George Orthodox Church, San Antonio near Kerrville, TX. This fall resulted in an extensive hip fracture requiring the insertion of a steel rod measuring 40 cm. This surgery was performed the very next morning (Saturday) at the hospital closest to where the OVBS was taking place - Peterson Regional Medical Center, Kerrville, TX, which is 60 miles from San Antonio.


Semassen has been moved to the rehab floor, has started physical therapy and will be there for at least two more weeks until he is able to move enough to be transferred to a hospital closer to San Antonio.


Rev. Fr. Mathews George (Sajeev Achen), Vicar of St. George Orthodox Church, San Antonio, has been with Gabriel Semmassan throughout the last few days, and our families in the San Antonio area are helpful. Elizabeth Pike Kochamma, who is currently in New York for the birth of her granddaughter, will be reaching San Antonio on Sunday night.


Please keep Semassen in your prayers so that he may experience a full recovery at the earliest.


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