Shubqono (Service of Reconciliation) in English held at St. Thomas Cathedral, Houston



Shubqono (Service of Reconciliation) in English held at St. Thomas Cathedral, Houston on Sunday, March 2, 2014 at 6 PM lead by Fr. Mammen Mathew, Fr. Jake Kurian, and Fr. Joel Mathew.


Reconciliation Service: Yes, I'm guilty of the venting - A Testimony by Alma John ( St. Thomas Cathedral-Houston )


As a family, we rarely observe lent. However, the past year has been such a blessing in so many ways which brought us closer to God. Unlike other years, where we just observe Monday and Wednesday as lent days, this year, we actually took our time and finished all the meat in the house in preparation for the Great Lent. This might sound dramatic, but we were very nervous because it was important to us that we went through with it this year, and never wavered from our goal especially with the Rodeo coming up. Mhmm, some turkey legs sound good. Did you know that they have bacon topped cotton candy? This is why we decided to come for reconciliation Prayer on the Sunday before Great Lent Began. At first, I wasn't very sure about coming, because I am the biggest procrastinator and saved my English project, which is due 1st period Monday morning for Sunday night. But we still showed up, with plenty of time to sit in silence before the service began.

The reconciliation service, to me was an eye opener. As I have mentioned in every single one of my confessions, I have a heart to love and an equally big heart to not. This is definitely not something I am proud of; but i did a lot of growing up in three different countries and 11 different schools. All this moving has introduced me to the kindest people and even some people who make you wonder how anyone can love them. It only seems right that they are not accepted as another who just made a mistake. Sunday School and retreats have always taught me that God will only forgive me when I forgive others, but I was too stubborn to imply it to my life.

I hope I will someday be one of those aunties who can walk into Qurbana and just open their heart out and cry and celebrate it without caring about anything else. But until then, I will be the 17 year old who stands in the midst of all these people waiting for that one fraction of a second for everything to just click together and when it does, I'm on cloud 9. Nothing else in this world seems significant and its just me and that sunshine from the altar. However, Reconciliation service hit me from the moment Psalms 51 began all the way till every one asked each other for forgiveness. "Let us love another, love completes the commandments"kept ringing in my ears, and I slowly thought of everyone whom I had caused any sort of hate towards, and forgiving those who had wronged me, no matter who bad I thought their actions were. And the epitome of this was hearing the Achens voice shake. Yes I understand that no one is perfect, but if someone who has completely given their life to God and lives every second trying to follow him felt bad enough to where he could no longer hold his tears in, I do not even deserve to be standing here.

I was blessed with the opportunity of giving the kiss of peace to and asking for forgiveness from many people whom I have not even talked to for four years. And I just want to end this long messiness by thanking everyone who wanted this service to happen for giving me a night to finally let go of my pride and giving me an opportunity to start an amazingly Lent!

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