St. Gregorios Houston won 9th Annual Southern Regional Sports Tournament A - Team Trophy

The Annual Southern Regional Orthodox Christian Sports Tournament was held on Friday 9th, Saturday through Saturday 10th ,2013 at Slaters Sports Zone, Richmond, TX .MGOCSM members from all southern region churches ( Dallas , Houston, Oklahoma, San Antonio , Austin and Lufkin ) actively participated in the event and also collected and donated $1324 for the New Diocesan center.

This year’s Tournament was hosted by St. Thomas Cathedral Houston.

The winners of the Tournament are as follows

A - Team (Boys Basketball) - St. Gregorios Orthodox Church,Houston.

B - Team (Boys Basketball) - St Thomas Cathedral , Houston.

C - Team (Boys Basketball) - St. Mary’s Valiyapalli , Dallas.

Volleyball - St. Thomas Orthodox Church , Oklahoma.

Girls Basketball - St. Thomas Orthodox Church ,Dallas.



The following members coordinated the event

Rev.Fr. Mat Alexander
Rev.Fr. Jake Kurian

Rev.Fr. Joel Mathew

Ajin Joy, St. Thomas Orthodox Church - Oklahoma
Anish Abraham, St. Orthodox Church Mary's Dallas

Saju Kuruvilla, St. Thomas Orthodox Church - Dallas
Reju Mathews, St. Gregorios Orthodox Church - Dallas
Steven Philips, St. Mary's Orthodox Church - Dallas
Jibu Williams, St. George Orthodox Church - Dallas
Sibu Mathew, St. Stephen's Orthodox Church - Houston
Jason Joseph, St. Gregorios Orthodox Church - Houston
Reuben Santhan, St. Mary's Orthodox Church - Houston
Sajan Thomas, St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral - Houston
Jason Thamaravelil, St. George Orthodox Church - San Antonio


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