The Journey Begins : First Evening Prayer conducted at the New Diocesan Center.





Sunday August 25 : First evening prayer is conducted at the new Diocesan Center located at 3010 Hopkins on Sunday, August 25 evening at 6pm. Clergies and faithful members from all the surrounding area attended the evening prayer.


Based on the Book of Joshua Chapter 1, His Grace explained everyone this promise land is the fulfillment of the prayers of our great forefathers, which include our Holy Fathers Mar Makarios and Mar Barnabas , great visionary Clergies who dedicate their lives to the diocese and all the faithful members of the undivided American Diocese who led us through the toughest time of the American diocese and request everyone to keep them in our prayers. His Grace thank everyone for attending the evening prayer and also mentioned it is our duty now to make this a land flowing with milk and honey .

After the evening prayer a cake brought by one our faithful members was cut to mark the historic moment of happiness.


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