Diocesan Divyabodhanam Committee Appointed

Growing in the Wisdom of God
(Theological Education Programme for the Laity)

Theological Training Programme for the Laity in the Church, founded in 1984 by H.H. Baselius Marthoma Mathews I by the initiative of H. G. Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios Metropolitan (Principal of the Orthodox Seminary, Kottayam).




August 1, 2016


Dearly Beloved,


As you all know, the Divyabodhanam Series is an adult faith-study program of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church which is already well accepted in the majority of our parishes. This year, it will be implemented in our Diocese modeled after the structure of our Sunday School Organization.


The P.O.C.E. or “Proficiency in Orthodox Christian Education” program is a two year program that will commence in August 2016. Each parish should form a Divyabodhanam unit under the guidance of their respective vicar and the leadership of a Parish Divyabodhanam Coordinator who will work with the Diocesan Divyabodhanam Committee to implement the program effectively within that parish.


Each parish can also decide what language is best suited for their respectively Divybodhanam classes since books and learning materials are available in both Malayalam and English. If it is within the scope of the parish and such a demand exists, we ask that both English and Malayalam classes become available so that our faithful are able to learn in the language most comfortable for them in the Divyabodhanam class. Language should not be a barrier that prevents our people from participating in this program. Multiple parishes in a city or area may form a combined class if that is desired and with the permission of their respective parish Vicars. Further details will be communicated the Diocesan Divyabodhanam Committee and the Parish Coordinators.


All adult believers are encouraged to register for the Divyabodhanam classes in their parishes and use this as an opportunity to learn and grow in the Word of God and the Faith and Traditions of the Holy Church. We especially ask our MGOCSM and FOCUS members who have completed the 12th grade to participate in this program to further their studies in the faith as well.


At this time, we appoint the following individuals as members of the Diocesan Divyabodhanam Committee as the representative for their respective region:


1. Mid-West Region - Ms. Betty Gladstone, member of St. Gregorios, Elmhurst, IL.

2. North-West Region - Mr. George Varghese, member of St. Mary’s, Calgary, Canada

3. South Region - Mr. Alex Alexander, member of St. Gregorios, Dallas, TX.

4. South-East Region, Mr. Kochukoshy Abraham, member of St. Paul’s, Chattanooga, TN.

5. West Region - Dr. Thomas Zachariah, member of St. Mary’s, Los Angeles, CA.


Please contact the Divyabodhanam Director, Rev. Fr. Dr. Mathew Koshy (Atlanta), the Divyabodhanam Secretary, Mr. Manoj Thomas (Houston), or your regional Diocesan Committee member for more information regarding the Divyabodhanam faith-study program and its implementation in your parish.


Your Shepherd in Christ,

Metropolitan Alexios Mar Eusebius

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