Diocese to move to the new administrative center on Saturday November 30th



Respected Achens and My beloved members of the Diocese


As it was informed earlier we are moving forward with the plans to move to the new property in Beasley, Texas on Saturday, November 30th. The details of the inaugural function are included in the attached kalpana. We request all our respected Vicars to present the updates regarding the new Diocesan Center after reading the Kalpana this Sunday with an emphasis on what this project means for us. Please also work to coordinate representation from that parish for this event.

As you know, we are in need of financial support in order to continue with the monthly maintenance and payments of the property. We are requesting that every parish fulfill their diocesan share responsibility. In addition, we seek contributions from our faithful for the initial proposed project which is the construction of the chapel and museum.

Let us whole-heartedly work together to fulfill the many visions and dreams of our diocese. Without the cooperative efforts of our clergy and faithful, we cannot accomplish our goals. Seeking your continuous prayers. Once again on behalf of the Diocesan Council and on my personal behalf welcome you and to have a visit in the new property. Nov 30th is surely a good occasion for that.

Any questions related to the details of this event can be directed to the Diocesan Office or Mr. Elson Samuel, Dallas (Diocesan Council Member, (Ph: 214 449 8556, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), who is authorized to organize this event.





October 26, 2013


Blessings to our Cor-Episcopoi, Priests, Deacons, and all the faithful of our Diocese,


Dearly beloved,


By the grace of God, the diocese has completed the purchase of the property in Beasley, Texas, near Houston, which will now serve as the new diocesan center. The desire and labor put forth by many pioneer priests and laity to have a comprehensive diocesan center has now become a reality with this newly acquired property. Let this be a reminder for all that this is not to be simply known as the Metropolitan’s residence or an administrative center, but it must serve as a spiritual center that radiates life and light, serving as a great witness for our Church in North America. The desired projects and plans we hope to accomplish have previously been communicated, and we seek divine wisdom and discernment as we take steps forward to bring them into fruition in a timely manner.


As a first step, we are looking to relocate to the new property in the next month. We are working with one of our own contractors, Mr. Abraham Joseph, to complete some renovations and maintenance work prior to moving to the new center. One of the major works includes the renovation of the present barn on the property into a conference hall.


The diocesan council has discussed and decided to formally move to the new property on Saturday, November 30th, 2013. On that day, the Morning Prayers and Divine Liturgy will be celebrated beginning at 7:30 AM followed by the house blessing ceremony. We take this opportunity to extend a formal invite to all our respected Cor-Episcopoi, Priests, Deacons, Sabha Managing Committee and Association members, Diocesan Council and Assembly members, leaders of all the spiritual organizations, and all the faithful to come and join for this historic event. Most importantly, we are requesting your whole-hearted prayers and support as we embark on this new journey.


In the coming months, we are looking to initiate the first project related to this new center which is the construction of a chapel and attached museum. We believe a chapel is essential for a Diocesan center as it serves as the main spiritual strength. It must also serve as a spiritual home for anyone who visits at any time. It is our desire to build this chapel in the traditional Orthodox style that can accommodate approximately 200 people.


Along with this, we hope to construct an attached museum that upholds and reveals the growth of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, and will serve as an educational and communicative tool. It is necessary that we have a center where we can uphold our heritage as St. Thomas Christians while transmitting our faith and practices to all those who visit, so that all may be spiritually nourished through the experiences of prayer and education.


Though we are in the early stages of this and several other long-term projects, we seek your whole-hearted cooperation as well as your prayerful and financial support for this new journey our diocese has embarked on. As you know, the new property was purchased with a loan that requires monthly mortgage payments. If every parish fulfills their responsibility to send in 100% of their annual Diocesan Day share, the monthly payments can be made without any concern. We also seek the support of our faithful who would like to make additional contributions to help support the future projects including the building of the chapel and museum. We must together realize that this is a long term venture that will serve to pass on the faith and traditions of the Holy Church to the coming generation while catering to the needs of varying age groups.


May the prayers and intercessions of the righteous Saints along with the pioneer clergy and faithful who have gone before us and were instrumental for the establishment and growth of our diocese, be a stronghold and a guide for us all.


Your shepherd in Christ,
Alexios Mar Eusebius, Metropolitan




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