His Holiness Baselius Marthoma Paulose II, Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan to visit Houston


Dearly beloved,


As you know, Bava Thirumeni comes to our Diocese on the 30th August. He will reach the Diocesan Center by noon and will be staying with at the Aramana till the 1st of September. Then His Holiness travels to Canada for his maiden visit to Calgary and Edmonton.


We have arranged a meeting at the St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Cathedral Church, Houston on the evening of 31st August. I would like to have the presence of maximum number our Clergy and Laity at this meeting. I encourage you to be a part of this meeting for the following important reasons:


  1. His Holiness, our Bava Thirumeni looks forward to meet with His people and also to use this occasion to collect the Catholicate Day Funds, especially from the parishes that have not yet been able to pay. Please let the Diocesan office know the amount and name of the parish who sent directly the catholicate day collection to Kottayam, to keep a record in the diocesan office.

  3. As we all know, Bava Thirumeni’s birthday falls on the 30th August. This year His Holiness enters into his 70th year. It is a blessing and honor that we can celebrate this wonderful occasion with our beloved Bava Thirumeni in our Diocese.

  5. As part of a meaningful celebration of His Holiness’ birthday, the Holy Synod has decided to start a new project at our Cancer Research Center in Parumala, named Sneha Sparsham - Baselious Paulose II, 70th Birth Anniversary Cancer Charity Fund. The aim is to collect an amount of 5 crores and make it as a fixed deposit. The interest of this amount can be used to help the patients who are financially struggling. We have to inaugurate this project in our Diocese at the meeting in Houston. I request all our clergy and people to participate in this meeting as much as possible, especially the parishes in the State of Texas.



I would greatly appreciate if you would be able to announce and organize the following matter this coming Sunday at your parish. I encourage and urge you and your parish to actively participate in the functions we plan for the Head of our Holy Church.Maximum number our clergy of the Houston Area have to be present at the airport to receive His Holiness at the IAH on Tuesday at 12.40 PM.


There is Holy Qurbana at the Aramana Chapel on the 31st Wednesday. Morning Prayer will begin at 7.30 AM.On the evening of the 31st August (Wednesday), The reception of His Holiness will commence at 6.30 PM. Everybody should line up for the procession by 6.15 PM at the St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Cathedral Church, Satfford, Texas.Sapthathy celebration and Catholicate day collection meeting will be followed after the evening prayer.


We have the inaugurating the Sneha Sparsam fund raiser, for the Cancer Center Charity Project at this meeting. I urge you to encourage our people to hand over their contributions to His Holiness directly, or it could be collected at the parish level as well. Please inform the St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Cathedral Church the approximate number of people attending from your parish this meeting on Wednesday.


May the grace and blessing of our God be upon you and your ministry!


Love and Prayers

Metropolitan Alexios Mar Eusebius

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