Our first paycheck to the ‘New Diocesan Center Fund’ : Lijin Hannah Raju and Juel Daniel Raju from Dallas.



Dallas:Lijin Hannah Raju and Juel Daniel Raju  donated their first paycheck to the proposed New Diocesan Center Fund. On behalf of the diocese, the Diocesan Metropolitan His Grace Alexios Mar Eusebius received the  check as  the first contribution  towards the Proposed Diocesan Center Fund.

Mr. Elson Samuel (Diocesan Council member, Dallas Area) , Rev. Fr. Raju Daniel ( Vicar,  St. Mary's Valiyapalli, Dallas) were present during the occasion. His Grace was overwhelmed by the generous actions of the young generation and congratulated the kids for their vision and care for  the diocese.

Lijin Hannah Raju and Juel Daniel Raju  are  members of St. Mary's Valiyapali, Dallas  and  children of Rev. Fr. Raju Daniel (Vicar of St. Mary's Valiyapali, Dallas). They are also active members of MGOCSM Dallas Area.


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