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  • Orthodox Resource Guide - Deacon Abey (Abraham) George

(A Collection of Scripture Verses and Writings from the Holy Fathers in Support of Various Practices and Teachings of the Holy Orthodox Church)

It has been a struggle for the American Diocese of the Indian Orthodox Church to educate the believers, especially the youth, when it comes to the faith and practices of the Orthodox Church. There are very little to no books, references, published in both the native language of the Keralians (Malayalam) and in English, which the American born faithful can utilize as a self educating tool. It is very rare to find the writings of the fathers in the native language as well. Essentially many believers are being pulled towards protestant spirituality where the idea of Sola Scriptura (only Scripture) prevails over the teachings of the Church. Instead of waiting for questions to come up regarding the faith, this project is will be a proactive way of reaching out to those who are thinking along the lines of protestant spirituality. What the Orthodox Resource guide plans to do is to bring together Holy Scriptures and the writings of the Fathers on various topics in support of the faith and practices of the church.Please click here to read the complete paper

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