Divya Bodhanam

About Divyabodhanam

Growing in the Wisdom of God
(Theological Education Programme for the Laity)

Theological Training Programme for the Laity in the Church, founded in 1984 by H.H. Baselius Marthoma Mathews I by the initiative of H. G. Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios Metropolitan (Principal of the Orthodox Seminary, Kottayam).

Courses offered:

1. Proficiency in Orthodox Christian Education (P.O.C.E): 2 Year certificate course

2. Diploma in Orthodox Christian Education (D.O.C.E): 2 Year Diploma course

3. Graduate in Orthodox Christian Education (G.O.C.E): 4 Year Degree course

4. Thiruvachanabhashyam ( New Testament Commentaries): 3 Year certificate course



Aims of Divyabodhanam

  1. To educate the people in basic Orthodox Christian faith and practices.

  2. To train the people to build up a true Christian life-pattern in the midst of modern challenges of the world.

  3. To help Christian parents and families, by which the growing generation shall be properly cared and nurtured in a true Christian way.

  4. To encourage Christian leaders to work in the spiritual organizations of the Church at parish and diocesan levels.

  5. To prepare the people to face the new challenges, ideologies and problems of the time and to respond with a Christian mind filled with deep faith and complete trust in God.

Special Features

  1. Anyone can join the course-men and woman from all walks of life without disturbing their day to day duties.

  2. No age bar, no basic education is considered for admission; but the interest of the applicants must be checked before the admission by a simple evaluation of the statements in their application.

  3. It is a non-residential course with facilities for weekly contact classes at the local or parish level under the guidance of the parish priest or a qualified teacher.

  4. A correspondence course is also available for those who cannot attend the contact classes.

  5. Self-study materials (textbooks) are available to the students, who can read and summarize them and prepare themselves for an examination held every two months, at the completion of each subject and before the next subject is started.

  6. The question papers are set, and answer papers are valued by the authors of the book, at the central office.

  7. Those who are not interested in appearing for examinations may prepare some essays on the titles given from the centre and shall submit them for valuation at the central office. To prepare essays students shall refer other books also, in addition to the textbooks.

  8. Examinations, writing Essays and Summary to each subject (textbook) are compulsory for all students in the G.O.C.E course. Besides these, each G.O.C.E student shall prepare a senior essay or thesis on any subject approved by the Central Office as a part of his/her academic requirement.

  9. Seminars for P.O.C.E and D.O.C.E in each subject shall be conducted at regional study centers (Diocesan level), according to the availability of the students. G.O.C.E seminars will be conducted at central level.

  10. New admission is possible every two months and all subjects can be completed in the order given in the Divyabodhanam calendar, which shall be given at the time of admission.

  11. The course is available both in Malayalam & English mediums

  12. Pass certificates will be issued to those who successfully complete the courses at the time of convocation which is solemnly organised in every two years at the Central Office in the Orthodox Theological seminary, Kottayam.

  13. Fees Structure

    1. P. O.C.E : Admission Fee- Rs.10/-
      Examination Fee- Rs.10/- per subject

    2. D.O.C.E: Admission Fee- Rs. 15/-
      Examination Fee- Rs.10/- per subject

    3. G.O.C.E: Admission Fee- Rs.25/-
      Examination Fee-Rs.10/-per subject

    4. Thiruvachanabhashyam: Admission Fee-Rs.10/-
      Examination Fee-Rs.10/-per subject

    5. Book club membership Fee-Rs.10/-(Text books will be issued with 30% discount to those have book club membership).
      Fee concession is available to deserving candidate especially for Sunday school teachers, who join this course.

  14. Method of evaluation and assessment: The examination papers and essays shall be valued at the central office Kottayam, by the concerned supervisors. Pass Mark 40%, Second Class 50% & First Class 70%.

  15. Divyabodhanam calendar: A calendar giving the dates of commencement and examinations for each subject is available to the students.

  16. Divyabodhanam Library: A Library shall be organized at local/parish or Regional centers, according to the availability of funds.

  17. Correspondence Course: The Central Office provides facilities for those who wish to frequent for the course by correspondence.

  18. A. D. 2008 was the silver jubilee year of Divyabodhanam. So far 10000 students, both male and female, of different ages have passed out and many of them serve the church by assisting the priests in conducting prayer groups and other spiritual programmes. Around 1000 students have registered their names for different courses in the current Jubilee year batch.


    Divyabodhanam Coordinators


    Rev. Fr. Dr. Mathew Koshy ( Atlanta )

    Director - Divyabodhanam

    Phone: 770-279-7021

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    Manoj Thomas ( Atlanta )

    General Secretary - Divyabodhanam


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Regional Representitives


1. Mid-West Region - Ms. Betty Gladstone, member of St. Gregorios, Elmhurst, IL.

2. North-West Region - Mr. George Varghese, member of St. Mary’s, Calgary, Canada

3. South Region - Mr. Alex Alexander, member of St. Gregorios, Dallas, TX.

4. South-East Region, Mr. Kochukoshy Abraham, member of St. Paul’s, Chattanooga, TN.

5. West Region - Dr. Thomas Zachariah, member of St. Mary’s, Los Angeles, CA.

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