Sunday School Teachers Certification Program


The primary objective of the Teachers Certification Program is to ensure consistent, thorough, and correct understanding of the faith, sacraments, practices, and traditions of the Malankara Orthodox Church in all Sunday School teachers of the South- West Diocese of America.


This Certification Course is being conducted at the diocese level. The syllabus and some of the lessons are already posted on the diocese website:

The next examination will be held on Sunday, 31st of January of 2016. Enrolment for the course is on. As in the previous years, the use of the printed copy of the Orthodox Study Bible as a basic resource during the exam will be allowed. You can download the enrolment form here. Please encourage all the Teachers who have not yet completed TTCP to register and write the exams. Please e-mail all the registration forms to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it latest by Monday January 4. Teachers are to submit their enrolment through the Principal of the Parish Sunday school. We are excited to inform that this is the first time we are holding a Second exam during an Academic year.

Please note that the TTC examination is only an assessment of the Teacher’s knowledge and understanding of the Orthodox Faith, and ability to apply that knowledge and understanding with respect to teaching the Faith to the children and therefore the emphasis is not on memorization but understanding the basic faith and life of the Orthodox Church. As we have to contact the regional and area coordinators, set up test centers, arrange proctors, prepare exam packets, and mail the packets in coordination and consultation with the regional coordinators and principals and as this process takes time, we request that the registration forms be turned in no later than January 4. No registrations will be accepted after Monday, January 4, 2016.

We request all current teachers and those desiring to be teachers to complete this certification course. Our recommendation is that Grade 5th and higher be assigned to the certified teachers. Centralized examination centers will be setup in different cities of the diocese and proctors will be appointed to conduct the exam. Certificate of completion will be distributed from the Diocese to those teachers who pass the test with minimum 70% score. Candidates can retake the examination any number of times to complete the course.

The teachers certification committee under the direction of the Sunday School Director will take necessary steps to set the detailed guidelines, prepare the notes and materials per syllabus, work and coordinate in setting the question papers and arranging an evaluation process and generally be responsible for the conduct of this course and the examination. The program and the examination shall be managed and administered by the Diocesan Sunday school leadership under the control and direction of the Sunday School Director.

If there are any concerns or issues, please e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Downloadable Resources


The Syllabus for the Certification Course.

The enrollment form

Model Question Paper


Downloadable Notes which can be used for preparing for the exam

The Holy Bible

Church Fathers

Great Councils

Christian Leadership



Sanctification through Sacraments

Sacrament of Baptism and Chrismation

Sacrament of Confession


Tele Conference Class Recordings

2013-05-15- Sunday School - Diocesan Level Teachers Training and Certification Class- Rev Fr Christopher Mathew

2013-05-22- Sunday School - Diocesan Level Teachers Training and Certification Class- Joe Varghese, Chicago

2013-05-29- Sunday School - Diocesan Level Teachers Training and Certification Class- Rev Dn Abey George




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